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Club L’avenir

This summer Club L’ avenir launches her new collection: Desert sage. The inspiration for this collection comes with the need and the urge to go back to our pure selves, our roots, our ground. The ground we share with everyone and everything on this earth, that we need to cherish. We have used a range of tones that represent simplistic nature in its purest way. Just like our own strong characters, strong forces move below the surface. Plants will grow in dry places, with strong and deep roots, but with flowers that move elegant in the wind: romantic nature, earthly living.

Just as the nature, we need to keep involving ourselves, year after year. Learning from the wilderness with well-made, timeless clothes made of solid materials. The women of Club L’ avenir see it as their mission to bring consciousness into this big hectic world. To love everything around you, to love yourself, to nurture yourself and to wear materials that embrace who you are. Long loose summer layers, mixed with strong pieces. Effortless elegance without overdoing anything.

Strong forces move below the surface.

Can you feel it?

Seek for the future.

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